Ah, yes, volleyball night.

I played a couple of games at the pro club tonight. It wasn't as good as usual because there seemed to be a couple of weak players there. There is actually a separate court for folks who don't play well, but sometimes people don't understand the format I guess... Volleyball is one of those sports where one bad player can really ruin a game. It's not like basketball where you can choose who to pass it to or just take it to the hoop yourself. A bad player in a volleyball game will be who the opposing team always serves to... If the setter doesn't get a good pass then you won't get any good hits etc.. In a normal rally 3 people touch the ball, if one of them is someone who can't play then it doesn't matter how good the other two are. Also, court coverage gets really messed up if someone on the court doesn't know how to play. So that's why there's two courts. Anyhow, enough ranting :)

Henry asked me to give him a ride to Chaplins to pick up his car. He had some problem with it rattling. Turns out they found a massive set of pliers in his oil pan left there from when he got his oil changed at Jiffy Lube... Even though he gets to keep the pliers he still doesn't want to ever go back there... The pliers were pretty big too, about the size of a wrench. Very heavy duty.

I think the visit ended up costing about $180... Ah well.