February, 2010

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    HOW TO:Using Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.0 from PowerShell 2.0


    Requirement: Setting the OOF setting for a user using PowerShell Script.

    The best and the easiest option I could think of was to use the Exchange Web Services Managed API 1.0 from with PowerShell 2.0. I finally got it to work!

    # The script requires the EWS managed API, which can be downloaded here:
    # http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=c3342fb3-fbcc-4127-becf-872c746840e1
    # This also requires PowerShell 2.0
    # Make sure the Import-Module command below matches the DLL location of the API.
    # This path must match the install location of the EWS managed API. Change it if needed.
    Import-Module -Name "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\Web Services\1.0\Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll"

    # Create a new Exchange Service Object
    $exchService = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ExchangeService([Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ExchangeVersion]::Exchange2007_SP1)

    # Set the Credentials
    $exchService.Credentials = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.WebCredentials("Administrator","XYZ!","Mycompany")

    #Set the URL for the service
    $exchService.Url= new-object Uri("http://localhost/EWS/Exchange.asmx")

    $IoofReply =new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.OofReply("I am OOF Internal")
    $EoofReply =new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.OofReply("I am OOF External")

    # Create a new OofSettings object
    $OSettings = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.OofSettings

    # All,Known,None
    $OSettings.ExternalAudience =[Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.OofExternalAudience]::All

    # Disabled,Enabled,Scheduled
    $OSettings.State =[Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.OofState]::Enabled

    #Set The External and the Internal message
    $OSettings.ExternalReply =$EoofReply
    $OSettings.InternalReply =$IoofReply

    # The Duration parameter only need to be set if State is Scheduled
    $startTime = [DateTime]::Today
    $timeWindow = new-object Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.TimeWindow($startTime.AddDays(1), $startTime.AddDays(10))
    $OSettings.Duration =$timeWindow

    #call the actual method with the SMTP address of the mailbox for which OOF is to be set

    Write-Host "Done!"


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