Here is the quick introduction of who I am and what I do for living. I am Program Manager in Team Foundation Team and I am owner of migration tool that will migrate your sources from VSS to Team Foundation. I write specs in addition to fight with my developers and QA. So if I am missing from my cubicle with no traces, you know who are at blameJ.


I was planning to get back on blogging since I posted my last blog at the time of Beta2. Now Beta3 provided an excellent opportunity to jump on Team Foundation blogging wagon. First choice of blogging is no-brainer “VSS Converter”.


Here is a writeup on how you must plan and execute you migration Planning for Migration from VSS to Team Foundation.


Check out following articles by my other team members that will help you in migration process and understanding about VSS Converter.

Ankur has discussed some interesting facts about VSS converter design.


Check out Nagendra's blog for post migration steps.


Check a separate section of my blog for other VSS Converter related discussion.


Stay tuned to read more about VSS Converter. Post your questions on VSS Converter  on Visual Studio Team System General  or Visual Studio Team Foundation Forums

 or contact me at akashm at