Welcome everyone!  Thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedules and gracing me with your presence!  I’m honored, I truly am.  I’m having flash backs to my senior year in high school when I walked into a new school, in a new country, barely speaking the native language.  So many people around who are just soooooo much cooler than me.  Will I fit in?  Will people want to read my blog?  Will they just write me off as another weirdo?  Will the cutie in my first period English class want to marry me

Anyways… I hope the contents of this blog are semi-useful and that every now and then I can provide you with some new learning experiences.  If I’m real lucky I’ll provoke some thought and stir some controversy on rare occasions.  If nothing else I can promise you some Kipmanisms1 which I am told are extremely funny. 

I am genuinely thrilled, psyched and out of my shell proud about Whidbey, our new technology stack and of course I am beyond proud and excited about MSBuild.  I think Whidbey will be a fantastic release and if you haven’t played with it yet… well what are you waiting for!?

I must tell you, the first post of a blog is very hard.  I’ve been stewing over this blog post since last Thursday when John, Stefan and Chad started peer pressuring me to blog :).  Well gents, it worked, and here I am blogging for the first time.  John has been very supportive and kind through this, and I must thank him BIG time for helping me work up the courage to start this blog.  John as I’ve told you in person:  YOU ROCK!

What to say, how to best introduce myself to the world at large?  Who am I and where do I fit in the world of Microsoft?  Well my name is Alex Kipman and I was born in Brazil circa a quarter of a century ago.  I’m unabashedly proud of having the opportunity to work at Microsoft and have been doing this for almost three years now (my anniversary is coming up soon).  And yes if you must know Bill Gates *is* my hero!  

I have been fascinated by computer since my early years when I first fell in love with an Atari 2600 (note: my current mistress is an Xbox… and my live alias is ZEUS!).  I’m a strong believer in multiplier effects and have always preferred to affect the few that will in turn affect the masses.  For this reason it’s no wonder I gravitated to the developer division at Microsoft.  Here I can fulfill my dreams and work on my dream job, where day to day I help the smartest people on the planet enable developers worldwide to reach their full potential.  My thinking is simple; if we enable developers to imagine, and aid them in the creation of fantastic new computer experiences, I get a multiplier effect where I’ve helped the few affect the masses. 

I’ve spent my entire life at Microsoft as a Program Manager in the Visual Studio Core Team.  I’ve been working on MSBuild for the past 2 years.  Before Microsoft I worked as a consultant for a French based consulting firm and attended Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where I received a degree in software engineering. 

So that’s a little bit about me, where I fit in the world and what I’m passionate about.  Hopefully I haven’t bored you yet, and stay tuned as the next few post I intend to make technical as opposed to fluff :-)


Alex Kipman (AKipman@microsoft.com)

Program Manager

MSBuild Team

1 – Kipmanisms – Word created by Sumedh Kanetkar (SumedhK@microsoft.com), one of our super star MSBuild devs.  It basically denotes weird sentences or words that I say and write.  I usually don’t notice I’ve done it until the entire room starts laughing.  Examples of Kipmanisms range from “Death by a thousand paper clips” to “How about those damn apples”