I have just bought an ultra mobile tablet PC from Fujitsu for my father. Of course I was exploring every aspect of it just before wrapping it as a gift :). I never really liked those tiny keyboards or using the touch as a form of user input. However, after several hours I was addicted, as I was just writing my way through emails, browsing the Internet and even some sample coding :).

The handwriting in vista is just one amazing feature that I never realized until recently. I have one awful handwriting that sometimes I fail to read :) and vista was just learning its way through it. The average number of mistakes were very minor and the detection is just awesome. I kept thinking where are the competitors in all that.

I started searching on the net for news about apple and their plans for a tablet or a mobile computer soon. Found some old news and even some recent ones, however by looking at the market today I see it is all about touch!

The touch technology after the iphone is more appealing to the consumer today than any other time. More companies are going for touch phones and seeking to be positioned against the iphone. However what about the touch for the personal computer? Well looking at vista and what it provides, I see the 2008 battle ground for Microsoft and Apple will be the tablet and mobile computing.

Microsoft have invested heavily in touch technology in their surface technology and in the tablet features in vista. Apple on the other hand surprised the market with the iphone, and further there are rumors floating around apple developing a tablet mac.

The next 2 years is definitely a new battleground for both companies and possibly we could see a new announcement from apple around their handwriting recognition technology.