Ok, I went home installed live mesh on my Home PC, and then wondered how will I be able to remote into my home PC from work if I didn't setup my router to open RDP port. Well Live Mesh doesn't require any port to be open, even it is not listening on any port, and that drove me to dive in and try to find what's the story here. Well I went right away to work and tried to connect to my Home PC and WOW it worked through my router and firewall I was able to remotely connect into my home PC without the need to go into my router and configure any settings etc..

Ok I scratched my head and kept trying all my old tricks to find what is going on, did some netstat and used tcpvcon from sysinternals and found that there is some HTTPS traffic going on. Well I didn't go into the detail, and not really sure but I guess there is actually some HTTPS tunneling going on allowing me to Remote in to my machine without the need to listen to a specific port or configure a router at my home. Pretty amazing stuff !

Well excellent job Live Mesh team for really flushing out a common user experience that we all fall into when trying to remote in to our machines, and making it as seamless as possible. Now that's Magic!