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  • Blog Post: Going for Microsoft Surface Computing

    Previously, i published an article about Microsoft surface computing and its application in Enterprise Manufacturing . Today it is released but for the entertainment business and enterprise. Microsoft presents a whole new paradigm for computing through Microsoft Surface . It is now a reality that...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Local Rocks !

    Oh i love windows live local so much, here is a trailer that was published on soapbox. I love the scratch pad and able to organize my search, second the connect me feature that allows live local to call for you the business, restaurant or whatever you are searching for and connecting both of you over...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Defines the Future !

    Microsoft again defines the future of computing :) enjoy Video: Microsoft's computer future concept here is how we also defined the future before in October 2003, long time ago before Tiger was even born so don't tell me Vista is a copy of tiger Video: "Longhorn Rocks" - Windows Vista's history
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