I must admit this is absolutely great: I've been invited to Tech'Ed 2004 in Yokohama in Japan by my colleague Masashi.

The subject I'll be presenting will be "Conceptual Approach to Application and Platform Interoperability".

Simon has done a superb job focusing on the interop possibilities that exist between J2EE and .NET. This is of course the most important interop requirement of the moment and actually, my work looks more like a generalization of what Simon has done in his book. Of course, I look forward to sharing my thoughts with him.

However, interoperability is something that always had been required. Interop, a long time ago, was just based on data, then it evolved to allow application interop (remeber the good old COM days), we're now more and more heading into the direction of platform interoperability and the concept of service delegation in nowaday's architectures is quite realistic.

This session will actually look at most of the interoperability styles that have existed so far and some that, IMHO, could become really key for high development productivity and efficient application maintenance. Once again, there's nothing bad at looking at the past to better understand the future (look at what Pat Helland has done with Metropolis)

All the developments around web services and the different protocols around it (see WS-I) are really key to the success of global platform interop and this is the way to go. However, not everything is web-services-based or even web-services ready and there are many other types of interoperability styles and possibilities.

I hope that my audience in Yokohama will like my presentation. I'll keep you posted anyway ... even while traveling! ;-)

Meawhile, if you guys have great ideas about conceptual approaches to application and platform interop (IOW: How would you do interop?), please let me know.