After the recommendation of our travel agent (thanks Isabelle), I decided to fly Lufthansa to go to Tokyo.

While waiting at the gate, someone came to me. He probably saw my red shirt with "Microsoft TechEd 03 Speaker" written on it. He nicely gave me a coupon for a $10 rebate for the Internet Broadband access righ from the plane. I did not really expect it but, you know, if they offer it, why not giving it a try. I sat in the plane and plane took off. 20 minutes later, a little piece of advertisement on the screen to talk about Wireless Broadband Internet access in the plane! Hhhhhmmm, that's a good moment to try it out. In a blink of an eye, I subcribed to the service provider, got my login, connected using the coupon code and ... off you go!

It's wireless, it's not too expensive ($19.95 for the whole duration of the flight) and it's so convenient! Only my battery is the limit. To solve that one, I talked to a steward and asked if it was possible to reload my battery when needed (you know, I'm flying Economy and there's no power plug).

So, at the very moment I'm writing those lines, I'm sitting in seat 20D of the Lufthansa flight heading to Tokyo (in Economy class).

I'm not very often surprised but I really did not expect that type of service from the aiplane. I must admit it has a pretty good quality. I've een using it for more than 45 minutes now and I still did not have any problem.

Reading mails, browsing the Net, chatting with my Messenger contacts is all possible. VPN to the corporate Intranet is also possible. In other words, I can finally work in a plane! I love it!