That's it! Windows Live Custom Domains has been released. This service is part of the Microsoft Windows Live Services.

In a nutshell, by using custom domains, you can add as many e-mail addresses as you want to a domain name you own. In other words, your web site (typically can be hosted at your classic hosting company and you e-mail aliases can be hosted ... at Microsoft.

By using custom domains, you actually create free e-mail adresses that will receive 2Gb of storage, and that will be accessible, for free, using the Live Mail interface.

We've set some stages for the use of e-mail adresses:
1. Up to 40 e-mail addresses, there's nothing to do
2. If you use the SDK on, you can have up to 100 e-mail addresses
3. Having unlimited e-mail addresses is possible but upon request as this will not represent the typical customer.

Can you imagine: you base-ball club e-mails, your football club e-mails, your non-profit organization e-mails, your village e-mails, your Kiwanis e-mails, ... just name it! All of those are accessible for free!

For your information, in Belgium, the city of Waterloo did offer free e-mail addresses to all the citizens using Windows Live Custom Domains (WLDC)!

Jump on it and manage your domain's e-mail adresses with Custom Domains!