Hi guys,

Our colleague Andreas Erlacher just joined Corp to take over the role of AE Role Owner. Useless to say that I'm pretty happy with that decision. Of course, Nina might not be as happy as I am but I'm sure she'll join him sooner or later.

Andreas' first assignment was to organize the Architect content for TechReady 3, the Ms internal readiness event. He's done that quite well I must admit. See for yourself with the Special Interest Groups that have been prepared:

  • Server Virtualization: The good; the bad; the ugly.
  • HPC: What's the market; Common scenarios
  • SaaS: What is it? What's the business model? What are the maturity levels?
  • Enterprise Search: What is it really? What/Who are you searching? What to do when you find?

As you can see, this is quite an interesting set of subjects.

It's also a pleasure to confirm that I'll be animating the Special Interest Group on Enterprise Search :-D

This is, of course, just one little part of our second day. I'll keep the first day content for Ms only... Not everything can be made public, right? :-P

Thanks Andreas. You already have done a great job at Corp! ;-)