Alan Cameron Wills - UML for Agile development

I work on Visual Studio, which has extensible tools for modeling in UML. Before joining Microsoft I was a consultant in UML. So I'm interested in hearing from and talking to people who use UML.

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About Alan Cameron Wills - UML for Agile development

Back in the days when I knew I didn't know where next week's dinners were coming from, I worked as a consultant and mentor in what was then called object oriented analysis and design. This was in the nineties, when UML was being developed. I co-created an approach to using UML called Catalysis (and our book is still available!)

A decade on, I'm working with the Visual Studio team as a programming writer, developing user guidance for the VS UML tools. We're trying to write material that isn't just about what button to click to draw a diagram, but more about how to use UML to help you develop or update your code.

This blog is based on reflections I'm making while writing the material. I'm hoping to hear back from people who either use UML, or are interested in using it. If that's you, please write comments here or link back to your blog.

Thanks for visiting!

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