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November, 2005

  • notes and rants

    Proposal Time

    No, not that kind of proposal. It's the time of the year when proposals for several testing conferences are due. I'm waffling on whether to submit for STAR East this year since I was just at STAR West (currently, I'm leaning toware not submitting a propsal...
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    Metrics that Matter

    I'm on a plane returning from STAR West (testing conference - I'm offline and too lazy to look up the URL). My talk went well - in fact, better than I anticipated. The talk was on the last day of the conference, so I didn't expect much of a turnout, but...
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    What is a tester?

    It sounds like a silly question, but lately I've been in a lot of conversations where the topic of what a tester is, or what a tester does has come up.  The answer, of course, varies.   I know some companies have different roles for "testers" (people...
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    Everything and Nothing

    I have no more excuses on why I haven't posted - nor do I have any promises of returning to consistent schedule that this post once had.  This post is merely a tickle to the two or three people who still have a subscription to my RSS feed.   I have...
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