I "learned" to type about 25 years ago in high school.  The truth is that I went to typing class, but I didn't pay attention much, and I was in a stage where...certain..."chemicals" altered my outlook on school, and in particular that little round ball bouncing up and down while I typed...but that's a completely different story.

I apparently did get something out of the class.  When I started working with computers, I knew hand position and a few of the other basics of typing which I have been thankful to over the years.  I'm not a fantastic typer, but these days, I can type 70wpm or so while looking out the window or having a simple conversation.  I've certainly reached a skill level adequate for my job.

When I learned to type, two spaces were expected at the end of a sentence.  These days, with proportional spaced fonts and all, many are saying that one space is not only sufficient, but is superior (I don't want to continue the debate here, use msn search if you want to see the arguments).

Now, I have a problem.  I actually agree with the one-space theorists.  For those of you keeping track, however, you'll notice two spaces at the end of every sentence in this post (and every other post) of mine.  How can I teach myself to only use one space at the end of a sentence?