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April, 2006

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    Pictures of jack girls in synthesis

    Only a few will know what the title of this post is. It has nothing to do with this post, but it was the line playing on my Zen player when I began typing this. I just finished a week teaching in Ireland. I didn't have time to do much in Dublin other...
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    Managers, managers, managers

    Readers who know me already know that I have no plans in my career to manage people. Although I've been a successful manager in the past, I get more satisfaction as an "individual contributor". However, since I work with managers so much, I crashed a...
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    The life of a D-list blogger

    Several weeks ago the user friendly comic ( ) ran a sequence of comics on a “c-list” blogger trying to become an “a-list” blogger One example is here . I’m fascinated by the social world of blogging, and the variety of...
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    Back again

    Once again, the beast called work has taken me away from blogging. The good news is that I thought of a bunch of stuff to talk about - which is a good thing when you don't really work on a product and have to find other stuff to blog about. It was a few...
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