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November, 2007

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    More Whiteboard Videos

    We just posted a few more videos on TesterCenter (also of note is updated content on the overall site - check it out!). The videos are: Testing in incubation mode ( Video && Discussion ) Diagramming the XBox platform ( Video && Discussion...
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    Newsflash: misuse of quality metrics

    I’ve seen a few posts recently on bad software metrics. What I find interesting is that the points made in the posts are the same points that I’ve been reading (and teaching) for years. I guess the old saying about history, learning and doom is spot on...
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    Oracles are hard...

    In a previous post , I mentioned that when writing automated tests, the grey area between pass and fail can be confusing. A point I didn't mention is that often, just determining pass or fail can be hard. Take the Win32 API CreateFile, for example...
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    Software quality at 10,000 feet

    I'm returning home from India. I talked, I taught, and I discussed software testing with a lot of the testers at the India Development Center (IDC) in Hyderabad. The trip had its ups (great people and great sights) and downs (a bit of food poisoning on...
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    Pass, Fail...and other

    In a perfect world, tests either pass or fail (ok - in a really perfect world, they would all pass). The problem is, that there's a gray area in between pass and fail that has a lot of potential confusion. If a test fails during setup (e.g. configuration...
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    Mixed Emotions

    Almost every time somebody changes groups at Microsoft, there's some sort of "send-off" email. 98% of the time, these emails contain the phrase "It is with mixed emotions that ..." Mixed emotions ? The only thing I want mixed are my drinks! I've mentioned...
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