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December, 2007

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    My top 10 rants of 2007

    I haven't "ranted" in a while (note blog title), so I thought I'd catch up in one post with the top 10 things that got under my skin in 2007. I have ranted about some of these things before. Others will likely find their way into posts for 2008. There...
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    Vacation, all I ever wanted?

    I took (and am taking) the final three weeks of 2007 off from work. Well, at least full time work. I'm still glancing at email once in a while and responding to anything I can respond to in two sentences or less, and I'm still getting on the MSDN testing...
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    Some down time

    I must not be a fan of "hitting the ground running." After taking on a new role within my current group in the November, I have spent three of the last five weeks travlling (and teaching and having fun!). Now that I'm back in Seattle, I'm taking a vacation...
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