I’m depressed this morning. That doesn’t happen often with me – especially when it comes to thoughts about software engineering and software testing. But today, I’m down in the dumps. I’m frustrated, annoyed, tired, and completely lacking luster.


Because I just read yet another “testing” article talking about the “woe is me” position of testers (or “QA” as many wrongfully speak of themselves). “Oh no – management is mad at testers because they didn’t find a bug”. “Testing takes too long – you guys are slow”. I’m afraid that the reality is that the industry doesn’t give a …er.. doesn’t care about quality and care even less about testers, and that testers love to whine about how tough they have it. I suppose Microsoft is mostly an exception, but most MS employees don’t pay any attention at all to what’s happening outside the walls of the Borg.

I think if I see one more “article” on how to “stand up to management” regarding quality issues, I’m going to chuck my monitor out the window. One more whine about how testing is “so hard” and testers don’t get enough respect, and I’ll put my computer under the wheels of an 18-wheeler. Give it up. If your organization doesn’t care about quality, nothing short of going bankrupt is going to change their minds, so don’t bother. If testing is so hard, just fart around for a while and release crap (you already know quality doesn't matter). When management blames testing, just blame someone else – call the customer stupid – that usually works. Deal with it however you want, but please, please please --- stop whining. I can’t take it anymore.

I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow.