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  • Blog Post: PNSQC Slides

    Thanks to everyone who attended my talk today. Feel free to fire more questions here if you have them. Slides are available here .
  • Blog Post: HWTSAM in China

    I’m excited to see that the Chinese version of HWTSAM is out (and soon to be followed by a Korean translation). You can find information here: and on Amazon .
  • Blog Post: My STAR talk

    My talk’s over – I’ve received a lot of positive feedback (although the people who hate my talks never track me down). I did have fun though, so at least one person in the room had a great time. My slides (which are nothing like the slides I submitted) are here if you’d like to take a look.
  • Blog Post: Another HWTSAM Video Podcast

    This one is a recap of chapter 2. We’ve filmed though chapter 8, but we’re a little behind on production. We hope to catch up by end of summer.  
  • Blog Post: More HWTSAM reviews

    Been incredibly busy lately, but wanted to share a few other HWTSAM reviews. There’s a review on stickyminds that’s pretty good (and yes, I agree that Ken may have been a little to “rah-rah” about testing at Microsoft, but to each his own). There’s also a nice write up and discussion over on software...
  • Blog Post: Another review of HWTSAM

    So far, the blogosphere in general has had a better experience with the book than the amazon reviewers :) Here is a link to the latest review I found. Thanks Michael for taking the time to write this up.
  • Blog Post: PNSQC 2009

    It looks like (pending paper composition and acceptance) that I’ll be heading three hours south this October to present at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland, OR. I’ll be presenting on “The role of experienced testers on software quality” (or something like that). I’m also...
  • Blog Post: Odds and Ends

    It’s been busier than normal for me at Microville recently. My friend (and frequent soccer match viewing partner) James Whittaker ended his 3-year run at Microsoft last week. James still lives locally, and I expect that we’ll continue to collaborate in the future. The pettier downside of James’ departure...
  • Blog Post: The HWTSAM bug list (so far)

    No book on testing would be complete without a bug list. HWTSAM is no exception! Some “book people” call this stuff errata, but let’s just call a bug a bug. There are two distinct types of bugs: Author bugs, and Production bugs. The Author bugs are those where we, as authors, made mistakes. The Production...
  • Blog Post: Worst Practices

    I know several people (not just context-driven folks) who cringe a bit at the concept of "Best Practices". The point of controversy is that practices depend on context. What's "best" for one context may not be a good idea at all in another context. I suppose it's a bit of a word game...
  • Blog Post: Connecting with the community

    Every once in a while, a strange idea pops into my head. Occasionally, I actually remember the idea for longer than a few moments. Sometimes I am even sitting at a computer - with my blog editor open when this phenomenon occurs. Of course, this isn't one of those times - I'm just letting you know that...
  • Blog Post: HWTSAM on the Microsoft Press blog

    I almost forgot to mention that I did a guest post (including a lengthy excerpt) over on the Microsoft Press blog. Check it out !
  • Blog Post: Inside HWTSAM – the video Podcasts

    The other authors and I are putting together a series of video casts to share a little about each chapter in How We Test Software at Microsoft . Here’s Ken and I talking about how the book got its legs: And here’s Ken and I talking about chapter 1.
  • Blog Post: Boulderdash review of HWTSAM

    This review is a few weeks old (yet still relevant)! Check it out .
  • Blog Post: Another HWTSAM Review

    The Evil Tester has a review of How We Test Software at Microsoft here . Here's an excerpt. I expected more of a techniques book, instead I got a much more readable and enjoyable description of some of the testing life inside Microsoft. Plenty of stories to learn from and a description of a testing culture...
  • Blog Post: It's nice to be liked

    My obsession with monitoring sales ranks is backing off a bit (I only check a few times a day now). Sales of the book are slow but steady, but given that it's a niche market, I can't complain. I don't make any money from the book, but I still want it to do well. I was excited to see yesterday...
  • Blog Post: The role of the SME and the SDET

    Reader Ram asks: “… should an SDET be an SME in the application or be an SME in automation only or should be an SME is both application under test and automation tool? “ Full comment is here . A tester can do many things, but very few can do everything. It’s ok to specialize either in the product, or...
  • Blog Post: Metrics at STAR Conference

    I think I forgot to mention that I'll be speaking at STAR this spring. You'd think I'd be pimping hwtsam , but instead I'm speaking about something barely mentioned in the book at all - metrics . Software metrics are an old passion of mine - something I used to be heavily involved with, but much less...
  • Blog Post: Bugs, bugs, and books

    Bugs in software are a lot like bugs in the home. Even though you know they're there, sometimes you just don't want to know. As a tester, of course, finding bugs is part of what we do. If I were to continue the analogy, I guess if an exterminator had an assistant who's job was to walk around a house...
  • Blog Post: Putting together HWTSAM

    I’ve never written fiction before, but if I did, I imagine I’d start at chapter one and work straight through to the end. Something interesting about hwtsam , is that it was written out of order . This practice is common in movies and television, and is done to make the best use of actors time and location...
  • Blog Post: Joe Strazzere on HWTSAM

    Joe Strazzere read our book - his review is here . Thanks Joe for taking the time to read and comment.
  • Blog Post: What's in HWTSAM

    One of the suggestions I received after this post was to share the table of contents so people could get an idea of what's inside the book. The "thud" you just heard was my hand hitting my head since this is so obvious I should have done it without any prompting. Here's an excerpt from the introduction...
  • Blog Post: I Love Bugs

    Like most testers, I love to see software bugs. I find a lot, of course, when I'm being paid to test, but sometimes they seem to follow me around. As you know, I've been watching the sales rank of hwtsam ever since it became available about a week ago. I mostly follow the amazon rank, but I saw something...
  • Blog Post: Announcing

    I know, I know...just what the world needs - another web site. Alas, I created anyway as a companion web site to How We Test Software At Microsoft . At this point, the content only contains HWTSAM related blog posts cross-posted from this blog, but over time, the other authors on...
  • Blog Post: We’re number 1

    HWTSAM has spent most of the day as the #1 selling book on software testing on . The other authors and I were excited to see this, but being a realist (as most testers are), an overall sales rank in the vicinity of 10k means that we probably sold 10 or so copies today, and being #1 is probably...
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