Rich Cloud Application Architecture in More Detail

Rich Cloud Application Architecture in More Detail

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Here's a deck describing Rich Cloud Application concept architecture in a bit more detail and showcasing Product Support Online sample scenarios and touches upon the next release:


Let me know if you have questions or suggestions on where this application framework should go next and what other samples you'd like us to deliver on top of it. In the meantime, we're working on the next version that builds on top of Silverlight 4 RC with its exciting new features and will be made available by Mix10. Stay tuned. 

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  • I have a few beginner questions.  These are requests for elaboration on some terms you used.

    1) What is session awareness?

    2) Duplex communication.   What is the norm - that only the client can make requests of the server?

  • @LK Jepson:

    1) Session awareness gives both clients and service running in Azure the context for the duration of requests lifespan - that is if one client starts communicating with the service and accumulates state, this state is not going to be lost when its next request is routed by Azure loan balancer to another instance of the service (which it will be if there is more than one instance). RCA facilitates this by utilizing Azure storage to store the state and by storing session id on the client so every subsequent request uses it as a correleation token which every service instance uses to fetch messages and other state from Azure Storage regardless of what service instance that session originated at.

    2) Duplex communication is not a norm in the web apps - usually clients don't give sever an ability to communicate back to the client whenever it needs and hence prevent other connected clients to talk to them. RIAs may have that capability in one form or another. This POC allows RIAs running in the cloud always have an open channel to the service which service can use to deliver client notifications or data from other clients.

  • Is the solution for the duplex communication brought forward to SL4 as an "out-of-the-box" experience? Especially when there are mulitple instances of the end-point SL connects to.

  • @Wouter. The current version compiles in SL3 or SL4 and as such doesn't have any SL4 features. OOB is not supported in it at all. The next version that will have full OOB support and will have duplex communication experience.

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