Here is my PowerPoint presentation and example code from my "How Do I Get Into SharePoint as a .NET Developer?" session at SharePoint Saturday, DC this past weekend (Saturday, 8/27/2012).

All of the examples were created with Visual Studio 2012.

Lessons learned from this talk:

  • Allow questions, but hold off-topic questions until after the session
  • Time my presentation in advance and make it shorter to allow for questions (I had too much content for this specific session)
  • Don't go over time (related to the lessons learned above)  :)
  • Be clear in my session description who the target audience should be (my fault I didn't say that I would focus on Visual Studio and .NET/C# the most)

Despite the lessons learned, I still had a lot of fun and had a lot of good and engaging conversations.  For those that attended, I thank you!  Feel free to offer feedback to make this session and future sessions better in the future.  I always want to improve.  (For the record, the second session I gave after this session went even better ;) ).

UPDATE 8/29/2012:  if you attended this session please submit feedback here.  The more detailed comments you provide, the better this presentation and future presentations will become!

Please comment or contact me for any questions you may have.  Thanks and I look forward with talking with you.