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July, 2009

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    Images Builder

    UPDATE 01/29/2013: I'm no longer using Windows service and srvany, I recommend to use standard Windows Tasks Scheduler. Now you can restart the script anytime and it will do all needed cleanup work - will shut down the VM, clean up the environment...
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    Installing Hyper-V integration components in Windows XP when building reference image

    I started using Hyper-V to build my reference XP images, and the reason for that - Hyper-V is the first hypervisor that uses the most typical HAL for modern computers - APIC. So, if you build your images on Hyper-V, there is no supportability issues and...
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    Direct OU in SCCM

    SCCM stores AD organizational unit in the DB exposing it to v_RA_System_SystemOUName view. The problem is, that for each objects you'll find direct and all parent OUs of the computer. I've created a view, that shows direct OU only. Here it is, just change...
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