Update - I've found a bug and fixed it. Now you can call this script from PE in OS Refresh scenario as well.

The well known name in Deployment world, Johan Arwidmark wrote an excelent article on adding remote control to MDT/SCCM Boot images.


Here is what he's saying:

"If you want to automate the connection to the client (for example provide a readymade link), you can create a script that reads the info from inv32.xml and creates a shortcut on the deployment server. Dart Remote Connection Viewer supports command line parameters for TicketNumber, IP Address and Port."

So I took some time to implement excactly that!

So, there is already some logic in MDT 2012 B2 for that, I just took his script, added a few parameters (like UNC share, user name, domain and a password to connect) and making it available for you :) Follow all his recommendations, but use files unattend.xml and StartRemoteRecovery.wsf   from attachment to this article.

Don't forget to modify unattend.xml replacing *** with your data.