I tried out the new Pluck RSS reader for IE...at first I was excited - new, nice and juicy interface, smart features...you know the feeling...

As soon as the install completed you could tell it had pedigree - (Via: Chris Pirillo /Lockergnome):  “Pluck was founded by Andrew Busey - early developer of one of the first web browsers (Mosaic) and creator of the first live chat product (ichat) - and Dave Panos, the creator of one of the earliest web collaboration applications (IBM Lotus SameTime).”

But then I unistalled.  I found it was slowing down me down - I mean really slow...thinking...waiting...confusing...and then conflicting (not suprisingly) with my other reader, FeedDemon (example: was adding new RSS feed - both readers seem to be fighting over which I reader I should add it to...to be fair I should probably uninstall my current but I really can't be plucked).

And other stuff.  Which is a shame, because I really don't like toggling between apps (I tried Newsgator for Outlook, but went with, and still use, FeedDemon).