Mark Baartse from Microsoft Australia has started his own blog at

The blogging software Mark is using, Seabeach, is a blogging app developed using .NET 1.1, C# and SQL Server 2000...Mark is using InfoPath as the primary posting interface (first I've heard of that...nice - I assume this provides the offline editing option?).  It also supports cross posting to .Text.  Seabeach was written by another Microsoft Austrialia employee Phillip Richardson (trapped between marketing and IT).

Through the wonders of the Internet, Mark and I manage to communicate regularly (timezone has no meaning) and are currently collaborating on a project - a CMS system based on Content Management Server 2002 and InfoPath).  I say collaborate, in fact Australia built it, we (UK) are 'leveraging' it ;-).

Anyways, nice to see Mark dive in...