To be honest, I'm not sure what Vincent Flander's is going on about at

He mentions a redesign on the homepage:

"This page makes the Daily Sucker because it talks about how they've improved by redesigning it, but they:

  1. Don't have a link to the redesign so you have to take their word they've done what they say they've done. If you believe what people tell you, then I'd like to say, "Hey ladies. I'm rich, single, and in public I'm often mistaken for Tom Cruise and in private I'm mistaken for Ron Jeremy."

  2. Don't have the link in an obvious place -- I scanned the document and couldn't find it. If you can't find it, then it doesn't exist."

As far as I'm aware there hasn't been a new design launched recently, so I'm not entirely suprised he can't find a link!

Vincent does point out an issue that relates to ad-blocking software (he mentions Norton Internet Security), that causes the homepage not to show the Microsoft logo, although I can't replicate this issue myself....?  Can you?

He points to Robert Scoble's blog in the article, in the hope that Vincent's post gets noticed by Microsoft.  Well, it has now (I subscribe too the RSS feed).