UI Designer mentioned that he has moved his taskbar to the top of his desktop rather than leave it in the default position at the bottom of the screen.

I tried this out myself a few years ago and have stuck with it ever since -  less mousework to do since all the other apps I use have their menus also positioned at the top (I was a mac user during 80's and early 90's, so was used to this already).

He (does have a name but I can't find it) makes a good point that UI designers need to consider all the possible permutations of an interface if you allows users to personalise (prompted by a balloon message gripe he describes but isn't quite clear to me). I don't seem to have any usability issues with the config he describes.

I disagree with his view that Microsoft shouldn't have allowed the user to move the Taskbar (hey UI...you like it right?).

He points to an amusing movie clip by Adam Kontras, 'Lock the Taskbar' (.wmv), written to the tune 'Rock the Casbah'.