Via Darknet, Red Herring interviews MR Ciberski, founder of Cybersky TV.

Cybersky promises to deliver live TV delivered over a P2P network:

"German software engineers Guido Ciberski and Petra Bauersachs are promising to introduce software they call “Cybersky TV” this January. They claim Cybersky TV will use peer-to-peer technology to carry live television feeds. If the service gets enough users, its first broadcasts in February could revolutionize TV ‑ and guarantee a deluge of lawsuits."

From CyberSky's FAQ page:

"What do i need to receive CYBERSKY-TV?

1. a PC with an internet-browser and a small piece of software (CTV.exe, 220 kb). Later on we build an active X, so you can install Cybersky-TV-Player online.
2. A DivX 5.x Codec or the codec the TV-Stream Provider does use to encode his output.
3. an internet-flat rate or a rich father"

What do i need to provide TV-Streams to the public?

1. A TV-Card (WDM or DVB) OR a webcam + a mic OR a media encoder
2. A small piece of software (CTV.exe, 220 kb, same as above)
3. an internet-flatrate (rich father is not necessary, since you can make money with some rare provided and often requested channels)

Will it launch?