As RSS continues to become part of the fabric of internet, the issue of RSS metrics and measurement will matter more and more to marketers.

A ClickZ article, 'Measuring Blog Marketing' tees up the problem nicely:

"Considering all the talk about reaching communities of influencers, smart marketers may want to nuzzle up with the actual content of a blog. After all, Pew found 25 percent of blog readers bypass Web sites entirely, choosing instead to subscribe to RSS feeds.

The article includes interviews with Nick Denton of Gawker Media (the guys who bring you Gizmodo), Bill Flitter of Pheedo and FeedBurner's CEO Dick Costolo, but fails to come to any conclusions, except that it is still very early days in the RSS metrics space and no one can agree on the standards that will make sense to the average media buyer.

Where is the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) participation in this conversation? No news from them yet...