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February, 2005

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    Microsoft's 'MR XML' meets the Register

    The Register's Peter Abrahams caught up with Jean Poali last week in London . Jean is an XML legend - co-creator of XML and a significant player in the worldwide XML and SGML community since 1985, now senior director of XML architecture at Microsoft....
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    On tha Internet, nobody knows yoe a dog.

    Inside Google has pointed out Gizoogle , a bit of internet sillyness. Gizoogle is a 'Snoop Dogg Search Engine', complete with a Translizzle translator . Some Translizzled quotes: Original quote sourced from The Quotation Page Quote Translizzled Any sufficiently...
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    Microsoft, 30 years old

    As I'm in Redmond this week, I'm allowing myself get a little nostalgic (I've only been with the company less than 3 years, but hey) are some links relating to Microsoft's 30 years. The PC Timeline at PC Museum : "April 1975 Bill Gates and Paul...
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    Official: MSN Search Launched

    Finally , MSN Search goes out of beta, to officially launched . From MSN Search blog : "In conjunction with all this, MSN has launched a redesigned homepage. The page is streamlined, over 50% faster and showcases the new search functionality....
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