Right.  Family is away, I'm not going to cook.  I need to eat, so a take-out is in order.

The options are:

  • Chinese: Spring rolls, Sweet & Sour Pork, Rice.
  • Indian: Lamb Jalfrezi or chicken korma, rice, nam bread.
  • Wendy's: Burger & fries.
  • KFC: Pulled pork sandwich, fries
  • Pizza: no, forget that, had that last night.

I can't make my mind up.  It's pathetic.  You choose, but hurry, I'm hungry.

Update, Friday:

Well, Indian food got two votes, and Dana made the tie-breaker.

So, thanks for your advice. I had the following to see me through:

1 chicken korma, 1 pilau rice, 2 rotis, 1 mango chutney + 1 ice-cold Heineken
+ Matrix Reloaded = Happy Days.