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July, 2005

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    Quake Announced for Mobile Phones

    MobileTechReview reports " Quake Announced for Mobile Phones " "The mobile gaming world is going to shake when the legendary QUAKE hits handsets later this year. Thanks to an agreement announced today between id Software and publisher Pulse Interactive...
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    This is fishy...

    This is ridiculous. "Fishermen in northern Thailand have netted a fish as big as a grizzly bear, a 646-pound Mekong giant catfish, the heaviest recorded since Thai officials started keeping records in 1981. The behemoth was caught in the Mekong...
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    A History of MSN

    Paul Thurrott provides a three-part historical look at MSN : " So here is the story of MSN's rebirth as an Internet services powerhouse. In part one, I quickly examine the convoluted history of MSN, which has been repurposed and re-imagined repeatedly...
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    Richard and I recorded our Skype call

    Richard MacManus of Read/WriteWeb and I had a Skype chat this evening and recorded the call Talked about Web 2.0, attention.xml, a bit about RSS, APIs and more. Here's the MP3 . (18mb, 20 mins) ( here is a post on how you can record a Skype call...
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