I woke up, checked my BBC headline news feeds, 10 of which reporting the horrors of the bomb explosions in London today.  This is Madrid all over again.

I called my family in London, they are all ok. One of the bombs, at Edgware Road tube station, killed 5 of the total of the 33 entirely innocent people confirmed dead so far. Hundreds injured. All of my workmates used this station on a daily basis as it was only a 100 yards from my previous workplace at Praed Street.  The company is no longer based there, but is extraordinary to think that if it was still there, there would by a high chance of people I worked with could have been maimed or killed.  I can see TV images of all these familiar places as I write.  This is haunting and horrid.

London, only a day after the ecstasy of learning it is hosting the Olympics in 2012, is now in scrambling to resume order from chaos.  Londoners, the target of IRA attacks for years, will have to re-learn how to live under the very real threat of further attacks.  Of course, Blair has had to break out from the G8 summit, disrupting a critical agreement to fight world poverty and climate change.  If anyone in London was in any doubt we are at war before this morning, those doubts have surely been dispelled by now.