Found, played and coughed up for a licence tonight for Foldershare, a P2P fileshare service that makes file/folder syncing really easy.

It works. Very well.

Now eyeing one of these Iomega external drives - it runs Foldershare natively.  Plug the beast into the network and I'll have my own online-everywhere V: drive, sync'd with four machines, including my parents machine who can view our latest pics as we save them. Shhweet.

Dennis Cheung has written a quick review and I'll write up something later.

Oh, and the Foldershare crew have started a blog.

Update: It gets better...just saw this:

"FolderShare now supports Microsoft Desktop Search! Ever need to find a file on one of your computers when you were not sitting in front of it? Install Microsoft Desktop Search (, then install FolderShare on each PC. Whenever you need to search logon to and search all of your computers in parallel with aggregated search results. You can even remotely stream music and videos by clicking on the search results! "