The Web 2.0. meme seems to have close to hit tipping point today.  Everywhere I look, its either Web 2.0 this, or Web 2.0 not that.  Much to the dismay of some, no doubt.

I realise, going through my RSS reader today that I've surrounded myself with (subscribed to, in fact) many, many people who write about all the related themes on the subject of Web 2.0.  It just seems that not-quite-spontaneously-but-close, they all got writing about Web 2.0 today. About the same things within the space -  the definition, the semantics.

On the subject of you know what...I cannot not point a very good post (so many around today) by Martin Belam on the BBC's role in, you guessed it, Web 2.0.

So, from now on, please don't mention the Web 2.0 ;-)