For the last couple of weeks I've been using memeorendum, encouraged by a number of recommendations and mentions I've seen posted (as well as referrers to the blog).

I could see the memerendum's potential, a bit, but it wasn't until tonight that I really saw what it could do for me - my first test case.  I've probably bored you enough already regarding the 'What is Web 2.0?' discussion (please don't be put off, this isn't another Web 2.0 about-post). But I'm still interested in where the Web 2.0 conversation is going...I want to follow and take part in the ongoing dialogue.  I've used Technorati and Icerocket, Pubsub and Bloglines for a few months for this type of meme tracking, as well as MSN feed search and Google Blog search more recently.

The typical scenario for me is that there are blogs posts discussing keywords I want to track, but I don't know which blogs to look out for (apart from those I already subscribe to).  I add these keywords to a search query on the service's site and subscribe to the feed (usually RSS) of the search results (output), and track the memetic connectivity this way.

Each of these services have their own pros and cons - some are great for breadth of coverage - but after some time has passed, others are good for their real-time nature (the Live web) but don't have the footprint, etc,. None have really taken the approach of rendering the data in a format and interface that one might describe as conversational, or as a discussion.

Enter memeorendum.  Its interface (the 'discussion') and accuracy (knowing that a post is likely to be part of a conversation), for me at least, is what makes memeorendum a service with huge potential, powered by RSS.

I've subscribed to their tech 'channel' feed (RSS) for the last couple of weeks, and seen the odd interesting post.  But tonight I wanted to track the Web 2.0 debate.  The Web 2.0 discussion made 1st item today, and with it a raft of inter-relating posts - a network of thoughts, bouncing of one another, spewed in real-time and 'live' on the topic of 'What is Web 2.0'.

To see what I mean (and for future posterity of Memeorendum) I have to share with you the following screengrab I took tonight (see is the current discussion url - you need to un-collapse the discussion '+' sign to see the view below).

I've made up my mind. Memeorendum is the conversational interface into the live, syndicated, RSS-liberated, memetic web.  The discussions it tracks and the UI it provides into the web's memetic connectivity, rendered as it happens is just beautiful.

memeorendum meme tracking interface