I'm a big fan of Dave Winer. He's pioneered a number of technologies that have helped tranform the shape of the internet including SOAP, XML-RPC, RSS, OPML and podcasting (watch out on the OPML front, I think 2006 will be a big year for this) and one of, if not the original bloggers.

Last week, Robert X. Cringley interviewed Dave on Nerd TV.  I watched it over the weekend (there is transcript available of the video interview).

The following segment totally cracked me up:

Dave Winer

"Bob: And what made you decide to make this your career?

Dave: A very visceral reaction to it. I mean I just knew that this was what I was gonna do. When I - there was a moment when I was sitting there at the keyboard and program. I just understood it. It just made sense to me. I just got it, and I had - there were lots of things that I really liked, and if you'd asked me when I was a teenager if I would end up being a programmer, I would've said, "That's the most ridiculous thing/idea in the world." Absolutely not. No, I was the editor of an underground newspaper. I was a promoter of rock concerts. I was a drug dealer. I was a-

Bob: What did you deal?

Dave: Well, mostly acid, actually.

Bob: Okay.

Dave: If you wanna know. I wasn't expecting the conversation to go that direction, but -

Bob: You took it that way.

Dave: Yeah, well, you asked it. Yeah, I did. I know, absolutely."