Niall Kennedy:

" now offers keyword search for its database of annotated bookmarks. Every search result page includes a list of related tags, providing an interesting snapshot of how the universe of users classifies you and your work."

Very interesting. Am going to have to play more with this, but naturally the first thing I've done is do an ego search.

"Alex Barnett" returns with the following as the common tags people have used to clasify me and my work.  The 'blog' and 'blogs' tags seem to be there as the links that people are bookmarking to are links to my blog, so I don't think they are clarifying my posts under the 'blog' / 'blogs' topic category. Good to see RSS making the top of the list though :-)

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  • web2.0
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  • blog
  • blogs
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  • Update:

    "As Per Joshua’s comments (the founder of, comments are also searched. You can use “tag:tagname” to just search tags. If you are going to do multiple tag search, AND must be capitalized."

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