Greg Prosl pinged me about a video sports service he has just launched:

The interesting part for me at least is the tagging side. I can tag the videos with any tag I like  ( and browse and search videos by tags. I can also subscribe to a tag. Here's the 'crashes' tag page. This is how I found this mountain bike crash video. I'm now subscribed to the 'crashes' tag feed, so as soon and the painful videos are available I'll be able to enjoy.

Nice one Greg!

This kind of tagging (referred to sometimes as social tagging) may be little niche feature today - very few sites today have tagging capability, certainly not the mainstreamers. But this is changing. Amazon for example is going full steam ahead with this approach - Amazon Tags was launched last week. Richard MacManus explains:

"You will be able to apply tags to any item on the Amazon website and your tags will be collected under your profile. I like Alan's term for that - a taglist, like a wishlist. I can envisage Amazon adding RSS feeds later, so you can subscribe to tags and your friends' tags. For now Amazon has the whole "customers who used this tag also used..." thing going on, as a tie-in with their existing personalization features."

This is powerful stuff. As more and more sites and services add tagging we'll start seeing some very interesting (if not amazing) services that ride on top of these. 2006 will be a tagtastic year.