Raymond* says that his OPML file could soon become one of his greatest assets. He's created a very cool OPMLish screencast explaining why:

"OPML has so much potential. If I spend time on my OPML file, I will eventually build a multi-layered outline of my entire public life as well as parts of my personal life. For Amazon, this file would have some value. It would also have value for potential customers, employers, or partners in projects. With the growth of OPML browsers, we will be able to surf such accounts of people’s lives.

Hopefully, I could then ‘link’ to specific sub-nodes in the huge opml file, like my file of ‘videobloggers to watch’, which would be a Part of my “master opml file”, but would also easily be extracted into its own file that you could use in for instance bloglines. To illustrate how I do this extraction today, I made a screencast showing how I extract nodes (buckets/folders - I don’t know what to call them) from my bigger OPML file and how I can use those nodes."

* friendly Norwegian OPML freak.

Tags: OPML, screencast, opmlfreak