This poppeed into my RSS reader just now. It was tagged as 'UI' in Flickr.


The tagger in question must either be an exceptionally lateral thinker to consider this plate of green beans and a bit of chicken as a user interface, or he/she ate this in the context of something UI...

Another pic tagged 'UI' that crept into my RSS UI recently includes something closer to what we might agree really is a UI pic:

After the gig of my own Sarjana Sains graduation

And now we're in the heartlands of UI...this:

Wattenberg Wattenberg Wattenberg

and this (is a UI mystery to me):

Bosch Dry UI

What do I need to operate the above? Buttons!:


Houston, we have a problem:

Picture 15 THIS is a what I call UI!:


mmm...ok, the following *just* about counts:

Non-mechanical Traffic Light Control

Aaaaand nope. We've gone liberal once more:

Yes, rubbish comes though regularly (even the occasional gourmet meal). Tagging is by no means a perfect way to share and find stuff, but it can bring you a gem or two once in while. I'm staying subscribed.