I've been following Raymond Kristiansen's Don't Lose the Question (DLTQ) blog for sometime. He's an interesting guy: a media experimenter extraordinaire. You might know Raymond from the BBC news story in September leading up to the Norwegian elections where he was featured as an example of a new generation of video bloggers in the sphere of politics.

For a couple of weeks now we've been discussing how screencasting as a medium has huge potential.

We decided to record our Skype call this time (mp3, 18mb), where we explored the possible future of screencasting, in particluar the potential through the sharing of the content source files, allowing the remixing of screencasts. For example, I could edit a snippet of one of Raymond's screencasts I wanted to run with and I could add my own work to create something new. Again, I would provide the source files for others to run with an mash up (Betsy, how do we do this?). This would also allow translations of the voiceovers by the community so the work could be enjoyed by non-english speaking viewers too - especially useful for the more educational-type screencasts.

There is something of a new artform emerging in these screencasts. Certainly, I consider Jon Udell's screencast work as art.

Update: Raymond and I went ahead an tried some of the theory out in practice