Well, it is all pretty 'live' now, so I'm safe to blog. I am of course referring to the launch of the Corante Network.

Steve Bowd Stowe Boyd does a good job of explaining it all, as does Hylton Jolliffe...Om Malik explains the fuss is about.

As it happens, I'm one of the contributors to the Corante Web Hub as are some of my regular feedreads, such as Danny Ayres Danny Ayers, Pete CashmoreEmily Chang, Nancy White (who I met at Seattle Mind Camp) and Robin Good. There are two other Hubs launched too: Media and Marketing.  Again, some familiar-to-me blogs are included, such as Smart Mobs and Neville Hobson, but there are some new-to-me blogs too, including Marshall Kirkpatrick and Shel Holtz. Thanks to Francois Gossieaux for thinking of me :-).

Oh, and here's the OPML file for the Web Hub. All good stuff.