Here's an OPMLish podcast for you, recorded tonight with me, Joshua Porter, Adam Green and John Tropea.

It's all about the draft OPML 2.0 spec and a few other things thrown in such as structured blogging, OPML tools, namespaces and microformats.

We had Adam along today as he's been experimenting with OPML in recent months at his Darwinian Web blog. John Tropea also joined us...John runs the Library clips blog where he has been documenting, extensively, the various OPML experiments and tools that have emerged over the last year.

As usual, show notes below. Enjoy!

The podcast (.mp3, 58 min, 13mb) can be downloaded here, show notes below.

OPML 2.0 Podcast - Alex Barnett, Joshua Porter, Adam Green and John Tropea


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