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April, 2006

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    Beta or CTP?

    Brad Abrams, a Group Program Manager at Microsoft, asks for feedback regarding customers' preference of Beta vs CTPs (Community Technology Previews). "So what do you think? Do “betas” offer you\your customers something specific that CTPs don’t?...
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    MSDN TV - Extending RSS with Simple Sharing Extensions (SSE)

    A little while ago, Amyloo suggested that Microsoft has gone a bit quite on the RSS + SSE front. Amy - I found something for you: check out this new video with the RSS team talking SSE ... "Paresh Suthar and George Moromisato talk about the creation...
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    Your browser history as Attention data?

    Have you thought of your browser history as attention data? I have some thoughts on this. Not all good. Two companies are thinking this way. Tailrank is one. You can go to this Import page and give the site permission to look at your browser history...
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