At Seattle Mind Camp yesterday, Michael Blay Michael Blay, Geoff Froh and I ran a session on the topic of behind-the-firewall tagging.

We kicked off by posing questions and letting a free flowing discussion kick off. It was great, lots of interest in the topic.

Dave Winer attended and described the session as a 'intense lightning-fast discussion'. However, he came to the early conclusion as part of that discssion that there was no conclusion - that is a waste of time to try and encourage employees to adopt a tagging culture to share knowledge inside corporate firewall. That users either get it or they don't. You can't force them.

I think Dave missed the point of the excercise. I wasn't there to try and figure out how Microsoft employees could start tagging internal resouces so I could subscribe to certain tag RSS feeds (although I would if I could), I was there to think through the challenges of that problem domain with smart geeks because the topc interests me. The discussion as nothing to do with my day job. In fact most of the people in the room were simply interested in the topic and aren't going to give it much thought the next day. That's the beauty of something like the Seattle Mind Camp - there doesn't have to be a 'why'.

I mean, why did this guy dress up yesterday like a Microsoft employee borg? Just for fun.

Anyway, later this morning Dave's doing an RSS and OPML session. I'll be there for sure. I'll even wear the t-shirt :-)