Well, the 43rd comment to come in on this post of mine grumbling about Nameplanet's customer service seems to be good news for Nameplanet customers:

"Jipie! Nameplanet has been taken over by Tucows!

Although they announce not to make any changes at the moment, it's already a day and night difference: they communicate!

Read more 'bout in on their blog:

Really hope things will change for good now!

This post (posted by 'Ross' who runs their retail division) at their shiny new blog confirms brt's news:

"You may have already read that Tucows has acquired NetIdentity and NamePlanet. Hopefully I can help make some further sense of this..."

That was posted on Friday. 50 comments in already...talk about demand...

So Ross...you've shed some light to the press release and got your customers' attention. Now what? Here's my advice:

Step 1 to your long road to real, direct dialogue with customers - start a blog: check.

Step 2. Wade through the gripes here and respond directly to the issues raised.

Step 3. Run a search and see who's saying what about your company. Result #6 is the kind of thing to look out for. (you could run the search here too, or here or here (meta).

Step 4. Subscribe to the results. Check daily. (see RSS 101)

Step 5. Don't ignore, respond. Acknowledge. Admit. Converse. Correct.

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, daily.