Via Postbubble I came across standpedia. It is provided by the same team who developed standpoint.

I've just had a play with standpedia and I like it.

Rather than try to explain what it does, here is a pic of what I created at standpedia:

Got it? Like wikis, anyone (that has registered) can edit.

The above is far as I got. Will I go back again? I don't know...but - on the question:

Do you think is makes sense that the ground floor is known as '1'?

In Europe (I include the UK in that definition) the ground floor is 0. I think that makes sense.

(While waiting for meeting to start yesterday I passed the time by randomly externalizing the same thought. Helpfully, a colleague quipped "Yeah, I made the same observation when I was a child, and I got over it.")

What do you think? Feel free to comment your views and supporting arguments. I'll have a go at documenting on standpedia and see how it develops...

Or you can add them yourself here.

(PS: you need to double click on the boxes to expand out - it's all the Ajax Flash rage, don't you know!...)