A bunch of links to RESTful resources I've collated here and there - should be a good starting point to get a handle on some of the basics of REST, with links to example APIs / documentation as well as some posts ReprESenTative of the discussion in this space, plus some bonus randomly related stuff (rss). If you see some obvious holes here (and there are), let me know....


Representational State Transfer represents an architectural style for building distributed applications.


Really Extremely Simple Transfer. :-P

Intro to REST

To REST or not to REST

"In many ways, however, the debate about Web Services and REST is as pointless as arguing whether a hammer or a screwdriver is a better tool."

REST APIs, examples, documentation and bits

Random, but related, RESTful thoughts:

"SQS is a Web-based queue to which you post messages and from which you read them back -- without worrying about pesky details such as scale, concurrency, reliability, or guaranteed delivery."

"The big point for me was that GData is just Atom/RSS for reading, Atom Publishing for writing, and A9 stored queries for searching."