About "Writing ... or Just Practicing?"

Writing ... or Just Practicing?

Random Disconnected Diatribes of a p&p Documentation Engineer


About "Writing ... or Just Practicing?"


Who do I work for? Microsoft patterns & practices.

Where? In the idyllic rural surroundings of the Derbyshire Dales in England.

Doing what? Writing documentation, articles, samples, guidance, and other related stuff.

Why? What else would an ex-trainspotting geek, tractor driver, hardware rep, glue salesman, and double-glazing manager with a passion for computers want to do?

Disclaimer: This blog may occassionally contain small particles of factual content.

Legal bit: The content of this blog represents personal opinions and does not in any way represent the views or opinions of Microsoft or anybody or anything connected in any way with Microsoft. Postings are "as is" with no warranties, and no rights conferred. The information in this blog was, to the best of my knowledge, accurate at the time of publication. If you are reading an older post that contains technical information or advice you should consider searching for a more recent source.